Leaflets anyone? [an A..Z on leaflet giving]

Today at my church (Beeston Free Church), our assistant minister, Craig Langstaff, gave an illustration that I thought very instructional. He outlined how to effectively administer leaflets to passers-by. While highly amusing (and culturally insightful), a quick scan may be quite appropriate given that this week is my university’s mission week, and there will certainly be a lot of leafleting…

The tips are as follows:

  1. You must be absolutely convinced that the leaflet you hold is the most important thing the recipient could read.
  2. As a result of the above, you must be ‘on the front foot’. That is, leaning torward the person, confidently handing them pure gold. Mind you, it is not good to be over-confident, lest they thing you are trying to assault them.
  3. Perfect timing is essential. You cannot offer the leaflet too soon (and they have enough time to think and get flustered), and you cannot be too late (and they have too little time to think).
  4. If you are proffering to a large group (say at a bus stop), it is essential that the first person accepts – in this way the rest of the group is likely to follow suit. Whatever happens, a group of people is likely to follow the first person.
  5. If you find that a number of people have refused a leaflet, you are better off pausing for a bit, until the people passing do not know why you are there. You are thus more likely to give a leaflet, and so to subsequent passers-by.

I can’t wait to put this into practice!

(By the way, the above was used to illustrate an inherent fear that we all have, of being outside the group. We are all sheep at heart!)


2 Responses to “Leaflets anyone? [an A..Z on leaflet giving]”

  1. Speaking from some personal experience, that is actually really true. I think it has to do with the herd mentality we seem to have. If someone else has willingly taken something, then surely, surely, it must be worth taking. One other thing I’ve learned is the following. If you just say, “Do you want one of these?”, or something along those lines, a lot of people will say no. But if you phrase it, “Hey, have you gotten one of these yet!?”, it’s amazing how many will take it. It’s like they are afraid that everyone else has already gotten something and they don’t want to be left out.

  2. Yeah – I often say, “Do you know what’s happening this week yet?”. Like you said, people don’t like to be left out!

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